A specialist aerial media company based in Doncaster, South Yorkshire. We utilise UAV's (drones) to deliver aerial photography, aerial video and aerial inspection services.

Commercial drone operators based in Doncaster, South Yorkshire.

Delivering engaging and unique aerial perspectives

Eye in Sky Media is CAA approved, we have been granted Permission for Commercial Operations by the CAA and our pilots are RPQ-s certified. We have specialist public liability insurance in place to cover our UAV operations. We maintain the highest standards in safety and operation. We can put our UAV aircraft (drones) into places that have previously been the domain of full sized helicopters. This enables you to get that amazing aerial shot at a fraction of the cost.

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Eye in Sky Media, Aerial Media Services

our commercial drone services

Eye in Sky Media - Specialist

Aerial Inspections

A safe, cost effective and time efficient alternative to traditional access methods for visual inspections

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Eye in Sky Media - Specialist

Property & Land Development

Utilising drone technology and professional camera equipment to create a record of your development as it progresses

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Eye in Sky Media - Specialist

Real Estate Marketing

Utilising UAV (drone) technology to offer unique and engaging perspectives for your real estate marketing

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Eye in Sky Media - Specialist

Sports & Events

Offering an aerial overview of events or sporting activities, with our UAV platforms and professional camera equipment

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Aerial Photographer, Aerial Video and Aerial Inspection Doncaster, South Yorkshire

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