About Eye in Sky Media

About Eye in Sky Media, the aerial media specialists

Utilising UAV (Drone) Technology to deliver new perspectives

Eye in Sky Media was created by Stuart Boardman, an avid radio controlled flight enthusiast and aerial photographer. He decided to develop his passions into a commercial venture and that is how Eye in Sky Media was born. We utilise Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles (more often known as drones) in combination with professional video recording and photography equipment to deliver our aerial media services. We carry out post production work on industry standard software and computer systems.

We have been granted Permission for Commercial Operations by the Civil Aviation Authority, allowing us to conduct commercial UAV flight operations. We have public liability insurance in place that ensures we are insured for our UAV operations and all commercial activities. Our UAV operators have to maintain currency in the UAV platforms they operate, they receive regular training too, to ensure operational safety. We take operational safety as a prime concern in all we do. UAVs in the wrong hands are dangerous machines and mistakes are very costly.

Aerial Media Services
Eye in Sky Media - Aerial Media Specialists

We're passionate about what we do

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Our Core Values

Our customers define us
We know our business flourishes or dies because of our customers. We will develop excellent working relationships with each and every client.
We shall innovate
We don’t believe in resting on our laurels in terms the services we offer. We will adapt and evolve our services to ensure we can positively differentiate ourselves from our competitors.
Develop our passions
If you love what you do then the results of the work you undertake show that love. We will harness our passions for what we do to deliver professional and reliable services.
Stay current, stay strong
The technology we utilise evolves quickly. We will stay current in our skillsets, experience and qualifications so we are on top of our game.
Aerial Photographer, Aerial Video and Aerial Inspection Doncaster, South Yorkshire

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