After meeting with the Air Traffic Services Manager at Doncaster Robin Hood Air Traffic Control Unit, Eye in Sky Media has been added to the list of approved UAV operators.

This allows us to operate in controlled airspace around Doncaster Robin Hood airport and the surrounding areas, subject to procedures that must be carried out and approval from the control tower for each flight. We still have to adhere to the regulations set out by the Civil Aviation Authority and those specified in our Permission for Commercial Operation granted by the CAA but the approval by RHATC gives us more scope to operate in and around Doncaster, as a large amount of the area is under controlled airspace.

Here at Eye in Sky Media, we take operational safety extremely seriously, in fact it is our prime concern above all others. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles have the potential to do real damage and present real risks, both to the person and property. So we will strive to develop working relationships with other agencies and organisations to ensure our operations are as safe and reasonable as practically possible.

Stuart got to visit the control tower during the meeting and to chat to the controllers. It was great seeing the airport from another perspective and to chat about the airport and future plans for it. We’d like to thank RHATC for their time and for the warm welcome too!