The use of UAV’s, more commonly known as drones, has grown exponentially over the last few years, the commercial application of UAV’s is also growing. The benefits may not be immediately recognisable but they definitely exist!

Whether it be for hobbyist or for commercial purposes, people are pretty much aware of small unmanned aerial vehicles today. Mention a drone and it’s odds on the person you are speaking to has at least an inkling of what you are talking about. Small UAV’s have become mainstream. Whereas until relatively recently, if you were to mention a drone, people would most likely associate that term with the military variety of UAV.

With the growth in awareness and usage of UAV’s, the development in the technology and the lowering of costs, the commercial application of UAV’s is within reach of many businesses today. Aerial photography, filming, survey and inspection work can be carried out with UAV’s, cost effectively and reliably. Why should these businesses consider utilising the services of a commercial UAV operator though?

Lowering the Risk Element

The danger presented to people working at heights is very real. In 2013/2014, the Health & Safety Executive reported that falls from height were the most common cause of fatalities, accounting for nearly three in ten (29%) fatal injuries to workers. There is a financial cost to this too, with around 567,000 working days lost annually due to falls whilst working at height.

By using UAV’s to carry out aerial or high level work such as inspections, some risk factors are taken away. As an example, if a power company wants a pylon to be inspected, the traditional method employed would be to send their staff up the pylon to visually inspect it. By using UAV’s you remove the obvious risks, the UAV operator and the ground crew never leave the ground. Another example could be a property owner wanting to inspect their roof, done traditionally scaffolding may have to be erected and ladders may have to be used. Again, using UAV’s removes the risks surrounding that from the equation.

Time Efficiency

If we follow on with the example of a property owner wanting to inspect their roof, the traditional means of doing so may involve erecting scaffolding and ladders to access the roof. Here utilising UAV’s for aerial inspections has a clear advantage. We can be onsite, conduct pre flight duties, carry out the inspection flights and be packed away much quicker than a scaffold could be erected, especially so when inspecting commercial properties. This saves you time and potentially money too. As well as the time benefits, the amount of disruption to your commercial operations caused is minimal.

Cost Savings

In terms of aerial photography and filming, one alternative prior to the option of utilising UAV’s becoming available was to hire helicopters or fixed wing aircraft. The cost difference between hiring a commercial UAV operator and a full sized manned aircraft is significant. The difference in required time to complete tasks is significant too and as the old adage says…..time is money. There could be cost reductions found by utilising UAV’s for inspection work too. We can cover the subject we are inspecting efficiently and almost certainly quicker than by utilising traditional methods of inspections, again…time is money.

Where Eye in Sky Media comes into the equation

As a business manager or owner who has identified the need for aerial UAV work, you have two choices. The first is that you can invest in the necessary UAV and camera equipment, obtaining your Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) from the Civil Aviation Authority, ensure your pilots have passed an approved course to operate UAV’s commercially and take out the necessary specialist insurance required. There is considerable outlay to this option.

The second option is to talk to Eye in Sky Media about your requirements. We have been granted our PfCO, our UAV operators are RPQ-s qualified and we have the necessary equipment and insurance in place. On top of that our pricing is competitive and we work with our clients to deliver our projects on time and on budget. We’re passionate about what we do and we believe our work reflects that! We offer aerial photography, aerial video and aerial inspection services, we are professional UAV operators.

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