The weather hadn’t been too kind for us here at Eye In Sky Media latey. So with the great spring weather we had yesterday, we made the most of it and completed the planned shoot at Cusworth Hall, a beautiful Grade I listed building in Cusworth, Doncaster.

With temperatures around 15 degrees, winds of around 5mph and blue skies as far as the eyes could see, it would have been a crime not to take advantage of the great day yesterday. I called Cusworth Hall to get clearance to operate there and was given it, I then got all the safety equipment, UAV’s and cameras packed up ready to deploy. I arrived on-site about 1530hrs and set about completing the risk assessment and on-site survey. This is an essential part of our flight operations, one that we take extremely seriously. Operational safety has priority above all other concerns, at all times.

I’d planned for two phases to the flight operations. The first phase would see me filming and capturing images at the rear of the hall. Then the second phase would be filming and capturing images at the front. There is a cafe at the hall and this didn’t shut till 1630hrs, so I wanted to minimise the risk presented by the public footfall to and from the cafe by holding off till it had closed.

When I marked out the primary take off and landing zone, it generated some interest from members of the public at the Hall. I got talking to quite a few people while I was waiting for the cafe to shut. I’d laid out all my safety and drone equipment ready to commence flight operations. The Inspire drone is aggressive looking and seems to draw a lot of interest from people who haven’t seen one before. The Phantom looks very tame in comparison.

Everything went to plan, I recorded about 70GB of 4k video and captured quite a few still images too. I handed over the still images this morning to Cusworth Hall and they think they are great. I’m working on the post production editing of the video and that will be handed over to Cusworth Hall on a memory stick when it’s completed.

I’d like to thank the staff at Cusworth Hall for their assistance yesterday and in the build up to the deployment, it was great working there and the hall really is a jewel in Doncaster’s crown. I’d highly recommend a visit, the Hall is a great museum and the grounds are stunning! You can find more information on Cusworth Hall over on this webpage.