We’re developing our showreel here at Eye in Sky Media, video and photography that demonstrates what we do and what we are capable of. With that in mind we approached Doncaster Council with a view to flying and filming at Cusworth Hall.

Cusworth Hall is an 18th century Grade 1 listed building in Cusworth, Doncaster. It’s set in a large estate with lakes, plantations and lots of open space. It’s a great place to visit and one that we’ve visited many times ourselves. The hall is a museum and is open to the public. It would make an excellent subject matter for our showreel work.

With that in mind, Stuart, the operational manager, approached Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council to seek permission to operate there. He attended a meeting at the hall and ran through what we wanted to do there and how it would be done. Stuart showed that we’ve been granted PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operations) by the Civil Aviation Authority and we hold the necessary insurances to allow us to operate. He also ran through the procedures we follow for our flight operations; pre, in and post flight. We were delighted when we were given permission to operate there!

Stuart had a good walk around the estate and has studied the air charts, OS maps and Google Maps data available in order to develop the storyboard for the flight operations. We don’t rock up at sites and hope for the best on the day. With careful preparation before we commence flight operations we strive to ensure we capture the media we need without having to come back and retake.

There are regulations that are in place that stipulate what we can and can’t do in terms of flight operations. The permissions granted to us by the CAA lay these out and we will be conducting our operations at Cusworth Hall in accordance with these. We’ve started the tasking jobs and completed the pre-deployment survey from which we identify any air or ground based risks and sensitivities. We also assess the airspace and other factors in order to decide on whether or not the proposed flights can be safely carried out.

We’re looking for a calm and clear day now, with the flights taking place either just after dawn or just before dusk. These times of day are called the “golden hours” as the natural lighting from sunrise and sunset give a much more appealing backdrop to any image or video.

The still images and video footage we capture on the day will made available to DMBC once we’ve edited them, we’ll also be using the media to develop our showreel. We can’t wait to get cracking on this project, hopefully we’ll get a break in the weather soon!