We’re heading out within the next few weeks to do some location filming and capture some still imagery at the world renowned Doncaster Racecourse, home of the St. Leger Stakes and a jewel in Doncaster’s crown.

We approached Doncaster Racecourse to seek permission to operate the UAV’s at the location, to gain some footage and still images. Once we showed them our credentials and demonstrated the fact that we take our responsibilities seriously they were happy for us to operate there. We’ll be sharing the media we obtain whilst operating there with the racecourse. It helps us with our portfolio of work and it also helps us practice the procedures we have for operating in controlled airspace.

We are on the approved list of UAV operators with Doncaster ATCU and we will be working with them in the day or two before the deployment and also on the day. Doncaster Racecourse is within controlled airspace and can be a busy area of aerial activity so ensuring we work with Doncaster ATCU on this deployment is absolutely essential. We’ll also be notifying any organisations or establishments where there are sensitivities and it would be sensible to inform them. That’s all part of our pre-deployment survey procedure.

The media we provide will definitely benefit the racecourse and as we are a proud Doncaster company, we are more than happy to help with that. Being able to offer a new perspective on a jewel in Doncaster’s crown is going to be great! We’re still going to be operating at Cusworth Hall, another jewel in Doncaster’s crown. The weather hasn’t been kind of late, we are hoping for some better weather over the next few weeks and as soon as we catch a break we’ll be heading out to get the deployments underway.