Being able to safely pilot drones to capture media from the air isn’t all about the piloting. An ability to understand and fully make use of camera equipment to ensure you fulfil the brief is also essential. Our focus is on both sets of skills and experience.

As part of our operational procedures, we maintain a flight training schedule. We conduct training flights to practice flight manoeuvres, emergency procedures and also to practice with the camera equipment we use to capture the aerial media. Whether it be piloting skills, capturing still imagery or recording video, the only way to stay on top of our game is to keep practicing.

Laying the foundations

Since we entered into commercial drone operations, one thing we’ve seen numerous times is where aerial media company startups become fixated on the drones they pilot, often not spending enough time in learning about the camera equipment they use, resulting in poor quality of the photography or video work they capture. The drone is a means of allowing us to place a camera where it wasn’t previously possible and to offer a new and engaging viewpoint. By understanding how cameras function, what settings we need for a particular shot and how we can get the most out of the camera equipment available to us, we can deliver according the brief every time. If we take the time to learn the photography skills required of us as well as learning how to pilot drones, we are laying the foundations on which our services are built.

Passionate about Photography and RC Flight

Stuart, the operational manager and UAV pilot is a keen photographer, he owns professional DSLR camera equipment and when not in the office or piloting, he is most likely found with a camera in his hand. He combines his two passions and interests to provide the services we offer here at Eye in Sky Media; radio controlled flight and photography. As well as the aerial media side of photography, he enjoys capturing images from the ground too, with a wide range of styles and subject matters. You can view some of Stuart’s photography work over on GuruShots, a website for photographers to share and discuss their work. View Stuart’s Profile