Examples of our aerial photography and aerial video services

Examples of our Aerial Photography work

We can capture photographs of your subject matter, up to a height of 400ft above ground level or within a safe minimum distance. Utilising UAV platforms for aerial inspections of your assets is cost effective and relatively quicker than traditional methods of inspection. Or maybe you want aerial photography of your property or estate? If so we can certainly assist. We can also be creative, helping to capture your special moments. Whatever the need we can assist with our aerial photography service.

Examples of our Aerial Video work

We can record aerial video footage from our UAV platforms, with video resolutions of up to 4k Ultra HD (4096x2160p @24/25 FPS). This ensures clarity and detail in the videos we produce. We use industry standard software to apply post production editing and can provide the final media in the format that you require. If you want to share your video to Youtube or other social platforms, we can organise that for you too. Whether it be capturing your special moments of carrying out aerial inspection work, we can deliver the results you need.

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