We were tasked by the owners of the Pastures Caravan Storage facility to capture high resolution still images of the facility to be used on their website which is currently under development. A mixture of aerial and ground based images were required.

For this aerial photography part of the task we used the DJI Inspire multi rotor UAV. Once we received the task, we conducted a pre-deployment survey, which is an essential task in all our flight operations. We assess the airspace, other airspace users, air and ground hazards and conduct other essential safety checks as part of this process.

On arrival at the site, a site survey was conducted, then a risk assessment. Once these had been completed a landing / take off area and a secondary landing zone were selected and marked out. The site owners were briefed on the intended method of operation and then we carried out the flight phase of the task. The flight phase means we work through pre, in,  landing and post flight safety checklists as well as capturing the media we require. This is our standard method of flight operations.

The weather wasn’t entirely kind to us on the day, with gusts and some cloud cover. On checking the weather conditions on site, it was well within the safe operating parameters but it could have been better. Stuart, the UAV operator, was tasked to capture the entire site in an image, this meant he had to manoeuvre the UAV towards the rear of the site. The front of the site was close to a new housing estate so Stuart had to maintain a safe operational distance from that. At the rear of the site was a river and waste land beyond that so that was the obvious choice. Due to the gusty wind conditions, Stuart chose to limit the altitude and distance of the UAV to one which he felt safe. Wind gusts can mean the UAV has to work harder to maintain a steady hover for still image capture, which places more drain on the batteries.

The ground based images were chosen to represent specific key points of the service the company offers, security was one of these key points, people looking to store their caravan or camper van are obviously concerned with security. The images have been edited and made use of on the company’s new website which will be launching soon. We will be revisiting the site in the late spring / early summer of 2017 to capture more aerial images of the site, for a website refresh in the mid summer.

Thanks to the team at Pastures Caravan Storage for the tasking and for making us feel welcome whilst on site. We hope the new website proves a great success for them!