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Eye in Sky Media, Aerial Media Services

Utilising UAV (drone) technology to deliver aerial media services

We work with organisations and businesses in the United Kingdom, delivering aerial photography and video services for a broad range of purposes and sectors. We have the necessary skills, experience and equipment to be able to deliver engaging and unique still images and video footage of your subject matter. Our rates are competitive and we work with you to deliver projects on time and in budget. To find out more about the services we offer, please do follow the links below.

Eye in Sky Media - Specialist

Aerial Inspections

A safe, cost effective and time efficient alternative to traditional access methods for visual inspections

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Eye in Sky Media - Specialist

Property & Land Development

Utilising drone technology and professional camera equipment to create a record of your development as it progresses

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Eye in Sky Media - Specialist

Real Estate Marketing

Utilising UAV (drone) technology to offer unique and engaging perspectives for your real estate marketing

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Eye in Sky Media - Specialist

Sports & Events

Offering an aerial overview of events or sporting activities, with our UAV platforms and professional camera equipment

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The Service Delivery Process

Phase 1

Obtain Client Brief

Once initial contact is made with the client, we arrange a meeting with them. By meeting with the client and visiting them onsite we can gain an understanding of what the client requires. We take the time to listen and to discuss with the client to ensure we fully comprehend the requirements.

Phase 2

Conduct Pre-Deployment Survey

Once we know what is required we then move on to ensuring that this can be delivered safely and in accordance with the regulations we are bound to uphold. We assess air and ground hazards, local sensitivities, other air users and meteoroligical conditions and carry out other essential checks to ensure we can operate safely. Operational Safety is the flight crews primary concern, above all others at all times.

Phase 3

On Location - Site Survey and Risk Assessment

With the pre-deployment survey completed and a date organised for the task, we arrive onsite giving ourselves time to conduct several tasks before we commence flight operations. We conduct an onsite survey where we assess the local conditions and also carry out a risk assessment. We will mark out a primary and secondary take off and landing zone and lay out our safety equipment. Should signs or cordons be required we will put these in place too.

Phase 4

On Location - Flight/ Filming

The flight and filming process begins with the pilot in command running through a checklist to ensure the UAV is flight ready and the payload is functioning and secure. He will conduct pre, in, landing and post flight checks in accordance with our Operating Safety Case. Once flight operations have been completed the flight crew will pack away and ensure the site was left as found. They then return to base with the captured media.

Phase 5

Prepare captured media for client

Back at base, the captured media will be edited using industry standard post production software and it will then be delivered to the client in the format they specified in the initial brief. The pilot in command ensures the relevent log books are updated and then it's task complete.

Professional, Safety Focused Service Delivery

Eye in Sky Media is an approved UAV operator and Permission for Commercial Operations holder as granted by the Civil Aviation Authority. That means we are legally obliged to operate in accordance with the standard operating procedures specified in CAP 393: Air Navigation: The Order & the Regulations and CAP 722: Unmanned Aircraft Systems Operations in UK Airspace – Guidance.

To obtain our PfCO we had to prepare an Operating Safety Case and submit it to the CAA, this document specifies how we will operate UAV's safely and in accordance with the current legal requirements. We also had to complete ground school and flight assessments to demonstrate our competence as UAV pilots. Our pilots also have to maintain operational currency in the UAV platforms they operate.

With the above in mind, we believe this can assure you that we are professional, competent, that we operate safely and can deliver the services we offer. We have specialist insurance in place to cover our UAV operations.

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