The UAV sector is still growing exponentially, more sectors are set to take advantage of the benefits UAV’s can offer. One of these is the construction industry.

Construction spending in the UK totals more than £110 billion annually(1). With that scale of spending, efficiency is of paramount importance. Improving budgets by small amounts can translate to millions of pounds in savings. Over the last few years, the use of UAV equipment (drones) has become more widespread within the construction industry. Drones can collect live data, still images, video footage, land surveys and 3D modelling of sites with relative ease and at considerably less cost than traditional methods. Jobs can be completed quicker too and reduce costs by minimising human error and labour costs.

Commercial Value – Marketing

The data and media captured by means of drones has real commercial value. One of the applications for the data and media is marketing. Drones can track the progress and conditions of a project for potential clients, investors, or lending institutions. The data and media can be utilised in web and print marketing materials, to offer an engaging and unique perspective to potential buyers or clients.

Commercial Value – Site Monitoring

Another application of the data and media is for communication and surveillance purposes. Supervising a construction site can be difficult. Plant machinery moves frequently as does the site workforce. Drones provide site managers with live video footage and real-time data. Having the ability to provide live video feeds and real time data on construction sites, enables companies to effectively monitor site progress and resource allocation.


  • Reduce spending on human labour
  • Collect extensive live data of projects quickly
  • Create 3D renderings of the construction site
  • Save time supervising projects and employees
  • Reduce theft and ensure employee safety with surveillance
  • Track project progress to stay on schedule
  • Reach locations inaccessible by crane/ cherry picker or ladder

Eye in Sky Media – Supporting the Construction Industry

We offer aerial media services to the construction industry, be it roof, tall structure and repair inspections or logging site progress we can assist! To find out more about the services we offer and how they are delivered you can view our services page on this site, or if you would like to discuss this further, please do call on 07875 415332.


1: Construction Statistics Annual Tables – Office for National Statistics